Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorry I haven't written

First I’m sorry I haven’t written. I spent all last week getting the final materials off to the publisher, Outskirts Press. In the hierarchy of priorities I felt that stood above blogging. No book? No need for blog.

Now, I want to mention a couple housekeeping subjects. I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions that you have been sending me. They are mostly coming in emails. I asked one of my faithful why he was always sending emails and didn’t bother to leave a comment on the blog. As of right now, only one person has left a comment. He suggested that maybe people didn’t know how. Maybe I had made the assumption that everyone was familiar with blogging and how it worked and that I was wrong.

That kind of took me by surprise as I am rarely wrong. Even have trouble saying it. But, maybe I was w-w-w-w-r-r-r-rong. Fuu. That was hard.

Okay, in case I was w-w-w-w-r-r-r-rong here’s how to leave a comment. At the end of each day’s entry and you will see a list of how many comments have been left. Simply click on that yellow comments tab and a box will pop up on which you can enter your comment. You can leave your name or just enter the comment anonymously, which ever flips you dripper.

Next week I’ll be offering chapter three of No More Bull. You’ll meet Janey Ryan, the veterinary technician at Spanish Peaks Clinic along with George and Sue, Gil’s gender-bender critters. They all play an important role in the story. You'll want to meet them.

Talk at you next week.



Terry Odell said...

Publisher trumps blogger, hands down. No apologies needed.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Heart of Texas said...

You are truly entering the electronic age. I'll try this blog thing.

Congratulations on finishing the book. Any mystery lover who doesn't like it, is no mystery reader at all as far as I'm concerned.

John Sharpe said...

Thanks for the Heart felt compliment. If you don't mind I'll use it as a blurb in some of my marketing.